Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fresh Groceries

Just came back from Thursday night grocery shopping and thought it would be a good idea to use some of the fresh ingredients I picked up. I wanted to use some of my basil in this shot also, however the plant is looking a bit miserable due to lack of watering. Oregano had to do...

This shot was taken with a single 430EX II fired via Cautus V4 triggers.

Well actually theoretically two flashes were used as this final image is comprised of two frames layered on top of each other using the Photoshop startrails action.
The first shot was a 430EX II fired directly onto the foamcore background at 1/8th power from above the subject. The flash was handheld and the camera was triggered via an RC-1 remote.
The second shot was taken with light bounced from a foamcore board directly onto the subject. A softbox would have been better employed - but I don't have one :)
The subject is reflected by the use of some glass sourced from a photoframe and the reflections seen are from the first shot fired into the white background.

Again this whole process could be made easier with the use of two flashes and a softbox but we make use of what we have. Only 9 months till Christmas...

Note: For more information for emulating multiple flashes, Dev Wijewardane has written an excellent case study on DPS:

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